This trace contains a day's worth of all HTTP requests to the EPA WWW server located at Research Triangle Park, NC.
The logs are an ASCII file with one line per request, with the following columns:
  1. host making the request. A hostname when possible, otherwise the Internet address if the name could not be looked up.
  2. date in the format "[DD:HH:MM:SS]", where DD is either "29" or "30" for August 29 or August 30, respectively, and HH:MM:SS is the time of day using a 24-hour clock. Times are EDT (four hours behind GMT).
  3. request given in quotes.
  4. HTTP reply code.
  5. bytes in the reply.
The logs were collected from 23:53:25 EDT on Tuesday, August 29 1995 through 23:53:07 on Wednesday, August 30 1995, a total of 24 hours. There were 47,748 total requests, 46,014 GET requests, 1,622 POST requests, 107 HEAD requests, and 6 invalid requests. Timestamps have one-second precision. The WWW server software used was not recorded.
The logs fully preserve the originating host and HTTP request. Please do not however attempt any analysis beyond general traffic patterns.
The logs were collected by Laura Bottomley (laurab@ee.duke.edu) of Duke University. Please include a corresponding acknowledgement in publications analyzing the logs.
The trace may be freely redistributed.
Available from the Archive in compressed ASCII format (1.1 MB; 4.4 MB uncompressed).

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