These datasets contain Internet route measurements made using the traceroute utility. The measurements were repeatedly made between a set of Internet sites participating in the Network Probe Daemon (NPD) framework, described in the paper given below.
Each measurement is the raw output from a single execution of traceroute. Different versions of traceroute ran at the different sites, so the format varies slightly. Rough awk scripts for parsing the files are available from the contributor. The filename of each measurement gives the name of the site originating the traceroute, the site to which the traceroute was attempted, and the measurement time in terms of Pacific Standard Time.
The first dataset, NPD-Routes-1, consists of 6,991 attempted measurements made between 27 Internet sites, conducted from November 8, 1994, to December 24, 1994. Measurement failures appear in this dataset as empty files. The second dataset, NPD-Routes-2, consists of 37,097 attempted measurements made between 33 sites, 23 in common with NPD-Routes-1. These measurements were made from November 3, 1995, to December 21, 1995. Measurement failures in this dataset have been omitted, so there are 35,229 actual measurements present.
The data is available directly as measured.
The data were measured by Vern Paxson ( In publications, please include an appropriate citation to the paper mentioned below.
These datasets correspond to D1 and D2 in the paper End-to-End Routing Behavior in the Internet, V. Paxson, Proceedings of SIGCOMM '96, August 1996.
The datasets may be freely redistributed.
Available from the Archive in gzip compressed tar format as npd-routes-1 (1.4 MB; 10 MB uncompressed) and npd-routes-2 (6.8 MB; 56 MB uncompressed).

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