FFT-FGN-C is a C program for synthesizing a type of self-similar process known as fractional Gaussian noise. The program is fast but approximate. It is a translation of fft-fgn, which is written in the S statistical language.
The program requires an ANSI C compiler.
See the discussion of fft-fgn's limitations.
Written by Christian Schuler. If a publication studies traffic synthesized by this program, please include a corresponding citation to the paper mentioned in fft-fgn's publications. Credit to Christian Schuler for the software would be nice, as would a citation to the Internet Traffic Archive, but is not required.
Report bugs to schuler@fokus.gmd.de.
The current release is 1.2, dated January 5, 1996. Updates will appear directly in the Internet Traffic Archive.
The software is copyrighted by the U.C. Regents (a "BSD-style" copyright). See the file COPYING either here or in the distribution for details. This copyright means you can redistribute the software freely, provided you keep the authorship information intact.
A text file and the technical report mentioned in fft-fgn's publications.
Available from the Archive in compressed tar format (49 KB).

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