Tracelook is an Tcl/TK program for graphically viewing the contents of trace files created using the -w argument to tcpdump.
The program requires Tcl/TK, TK version 3.6 or higher (which in turn requires X windows). It also requires xgraph and a modern version of awk, for example, gawk. Use of both xgraph and awk are configured by editing the beginning of the tracelook Tcl/TK source.
Tracelook should look at all protocols, but presently only looks at TCP connections.
The program is slow and uses system resources prodigiously.
It does not work with older versions of awk.
Written by Greg Minshall of Ipsilon Networks, Inc.
Report bugs to
The current release is 1.20, dated November 17, 1995. Updates will appear directly in the Internet Traffic Archive.
The software is copyrighted by Ipsilon Networks, Inc. (a "BSD-style" copyright). See the beginning of the source file tracelook for details. This copyright essentially means you can redistribute the software freely, provided you keep the authorship information intact.
A man page.
Available from the Archive in compressed tar format (23 KB).

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