How to contribute to the Archive

The Internet Traffic Archive is moderated. The moderator's duties are to ensure compliance with the guidelines discussed in this section, and to maintain high standards for the quality of the trace collection. For example, the moderator might reject a trace with a high degree of packet loss, or of a size the moderator deems inappropriate (e.g., too small to be worth the effort; too large to be worth the disk space). The moderator also maintains the Web pages and the mailing lists for discussion of the archive contents and for announcing archive updates and changes.

The present moderator is Vern Paxson (

Submission guidelines for contributing traces.
Submission guidelines for contributing software.

To contribute to the archive, email the moderator a description of the submission conforming to the guidelines. The email should include an ftp site from which the moderator can fetch the trace or software, and the size of the trace.

The moderator may accept the submission as it stands; return the submission for revision, detailing what must be done to make the contribution acceptable for the archive; or reject the submission as inappropriate. Expect turn-around times of 2-3 weeks.

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