Submitting software to the Archive

Software contributed to the archive should include the following in a text or HTML file:
A general description of what the software does.
Language/compiler/utility/library requirements for using the software (with URL's or anonymous ftp information for these, where appropriate).
Limitations the user should be sure to keep in mind. For example, "The synthesized traffic is based on empirical traces taken on an Ethernet LAN and will reflect a 10 MBit/sec bandwidth."
Who wrote the software, how the software should be acknowledged in publications, where to report bugs.
Publications available that have already studied this trace, if any.
Available related software and traces, if any.
Version information. URL/FTP info for where updated versions will appear.
Copyright on the software. Whether the software may be redistributed without permission. Who to contact for permission. Restrictions on use of the software (for example, the software might be covered by the GNU Public License).
A detailed description of how to use the software. For simple programs, a text file suffices. For more complicated software, the man page should be provided in HTML, nroff, troff, texinfo, LaTeX, or Postscript format.

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